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Five Dollar Glam

About Me

I am a mom of 4 kids, a labor and delivery nurse, a wife, a taxi driver and a housekeeper (every one in a while). I have tried my hand at several direct sales companies in the past and never did very well. In February 2012, I saw Paparazzi Jewelry at an RV show (of all places). The booth was packed with women oohing and aahing all around. As I made my way in, I saw gorgeous jewelry and hair accessories and signs advertising $5.00. I couldn't believe it!! No way could this cute jewelry be only $5! I quickly made my way over to the consultant to ask her about it. She told me that everything was $5.00 and that I could host a party and earn free jewelry. I told her immediately that I was interested and wanted to host one right away!! She gave me her information and told me that she would email me as soon as the show was over with.

I came home and was so excited about Paparazzi Jewelry! I looked up the company online and couldn't believe what I read... I could sell this jewelry myself at home parties and make 45% commission! Thoughts of my previous direct sales experiences entered my mind but somehow, I knew that this company was different. It was started in Utah by two sisters and had grown at an amazingly fast rate. It was still a "baby" in the direct sales world and if I was going to jump in, now would be the time!

I emailed a couple of different consultants and decided right then and there that I wanted to sell Paparazzi. I signed up under the first consultant that emailed me back and thus began my Paparazzi journey! I am so grateful that I found this company and hope that you love the jewelry as much as I do!


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