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Here are some frequently asked questions about the benefits of selling Paparazzi:

How much do I charge for the jewelry? Paparazzi’s success is based on “Everything is $5″. My sales tax rates is 6.35% so I round up to $5.50 per piece.

How much will I make? You will pay $2.75 per piece plus $0.25 tax per item. Therefore, you will make $2.50 per item. That is 45% profit!

What if I don’t have enough money to buy a kit? You can start for $40, so you can have access as a consultant, but that does not include any inventory. You can then buy piecemeal, as you can afford it. From my experience, however, I bought the $700 kit (250 pieces) and bought another $450 worth of pieces less than two weeks later because I had so many parties already booked!

I want to wait awhile before I sign up. DON’T WAIT! This company is a baby. You are LUCKY to know about it now before everybody and their dog signs up. Where were you when Scentsy started? Didn’t Thirty-One pop up out of nowhere overnight? I know it wasn’t just an accident for me to fall upon this company. I know I am blessed,\ and I’m taking advantage of it!

Do I need to know a lot of people to sell the jewelry to? Nope. Don’t limit yourself, and you will be successful. Anyone can have a “launch party” to get started. Wear your jewelry and people will ask where you got the beautiful necklace from and you will be able to tell them about your business. And, I really like doing events like craft fairs and fundraisers.

Will you get something if I sign up? Of course but that is the beauty of this business. When you sign up someone yourself, you will get a bonus, too! My independent consultant ID is 3932. You will need that to sign up. Share your number with people you meet by printing it on your business cards and writing it on your email signature.

What does it look like to order? Call me at (435) 224-1230 and I can walk you through the Back Office. Or you can call corporate at 1-855-697-2727 and they will give you a guest pass so you can peek around. It’s very cool.

If you’re ready to be a consultant, just go to the corporate website for Paparazzi Accessories, click on Opportunities, then Become a Consultant.  My consultant number is 3932.

When you sign up to be a Paparazzi consultant, I will become your sponsor. I’m here to help you begin and build your business into whatever you want to make it! We’ll share ideas and encouragement to help you along your path to success.


It will be FUN! I have had SUCH a great time with this new project and, by the way, you will make money too!


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